Digitalt sökbara avskrifter av kyrkoböckerna i Halland, 

födda, vigda och döda från 1600-talet till 1900-talet.

Digitalt sökbart register till Halländska bouppteckningar.

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The aim of the Genealogical Society of Halland

The Society wants to

• spread knowledge and create interest in genealogy

• assist in preserving the printed and pictorial cultural heritage of Halland


The Society is aiming at

• improving the terms for genealogy by making the genealogists' source material more

accessible through copies and registers and facilitate research opportunities at the relevant

• co-operating with the libraries so that they can offer best possible research opportunities for

• facilitating exchange of genealogical experiences in a number of ways

• actively promoting local presence in every town (kommun) in Halland


On-going projects include

• completing the searchable CD-ROM "The Population of Halland" (Hallands Befolkning)

to include births, marriages and deaths where these are missing and expand it to further

• expanding the boatswain register to include family members

• preserving interesting archives through digital photography

• documenting tombstones and cemetery decorations at our cemeteries – a national project led

by the Swedish Genealogical Association (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund)