Digitalt sökbara avskrifter av kyrkoböckerna i Halland, 

födda, vigda och döda från 1600-talet till 1900-talet.

Digitalt sökbart register till Halländska bouppteckningar.

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The Society offers its members:

Premises in Halmstad with access to book and newspaper archives, submitted family research reports

and some copied parish registers (kyrkböcker)

Six computers with access to the Society's database with digitally photographed material from all over

Halland. We also subscribe to Genline, SVAR, ArkivDigital OnLine and Ancestry as well as a number

of searchable CD-ROMs such as Sverigesdödbok, Sverigesbefolkning, Emigranten och Begravda I


Sources from Halland on CD-ROM with searchable digitally photographed material. Please see our

website under the heading e-butik for information and prices


• Church books 1688-1934, registers of population 1674-1820, passport logs 1802-1839, announcements of banns of marriages 1733-1748, documents from the time under Danish rule, county finances etc

• Penal lists 1802-1839

• Mansions and farms (Gods & Gårdar) 1939, 1945-46, 1948 and 1964

• The population of Halland – searchable CD-ROM containing copies from parish registers including include births, marriages and deaths

• Estate inventory register – searchable CD-ROM covering all of Halland containing 139,500 names

• Boatswains of Halland – searchable CD-ROM containing 5,660 registered boatswains

• Halmstad 100 – searchable CD-ROM including maps, address calendars, population registers with more than 50,000 names of Halmstad residents 1882-1897


The membership publication Hallandsfarares Information which is issued quarterly and includes

interesting articles relating to research in Halland, family tree, book reviews etc

Lectures on themes that are useful to genealogists

Joint travelling arrangements to the national archives in Lund, Gothenburg or Vadstena and to the

Swedish Genealogical Association's (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund) annual meeting


The aim of the Genealogical Society of Halland

The Society wants to

• spread knowledge and create interest in genealogy

• assist in preserving the printed and pictorial cultural heritage of Halland


The Society is aiming at

• improving the terms for genealogy by making the genealogists' source material more

accessible through copies and registers and facilitate research opportunities at the relevant

• co-operating with the libraries so that they can offer best possible research opportunities for

• facilitating exchange of genealogical experiences in a number of ways

• actively promoting local presence in every town (kommun) in Halland


On-going projects include

• completing the searchable CD-ROM "The Population of Halland" (Hallands Befolkning)

to include births, marriages and deaths where these are missing and expand it to further

• expanding the boatswain register to include family members

• preserving interesting archives through digital photography

• documenting tombstones and cemetery decorations at our cemeteries – a national project led

by the Swedish Genealogical Association (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund)


The Genealogical Society of Halland

The Society was founded in 1982 for the benefit of genealogists in Halland and for those who work

with source material from Halland. The approximately 1,100 members are found all over the country;

we even find some members in Denmark, the United States and Canada.

The Society (Hallands Släktforskarförening, formerly known as Hallands Genealogiska Förening) is a

member of the Swedish Genealogical Association (Sveriges Släktforskarförbund).

The Society continuously arrange training courses inbeginners' genealogy, understanding text

(palaeography) and how to find relatives in the United States using Ancestry.

Please contact the office at +46 (0)35 128272 for more information regarding the training course

schedule and for registration.


Basic information


Ryttarevägen 4

SE-302 62 Halmstad

Telephone:+46 (0)3512 82 72, best on Mondays 14.00-19.00

Opening times at above address:

Every Monday all year (other than bank holidays): 14.00-19.00

Also open for self studies on Mondays 10.00-14.00

Please call to book a computer, (fee SEK 20/11⁄2 hour)



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership fee: SEK 200;family member SEK 70

Postgiro: 88 72 08 - 7

For more information, please go to